Scotland is a small country riven with contradictions.

It revels in its history, one foot firmly embedded in the past, yet striding forwards boldly, embracing and developing new technology;  it is forward thinking in many ways, yet bitterness persists from clan feuds fought in the 1700’s; we have a wonderfully rich and healthy environment yet some of the worst public health in Europe; we live on the same latitude as Sweden, and Hudson Bay in Canada, yet many of us live in houses that have desperately poor levels of insulation; on the west coast there are palm trees and a 7 month ski season; we’ve exported sand to Saudi Arabia, and imported whisky from Japan; we are proudly multicultural, and the best curries in the world can be found in Glasgow; we celebrate ghosts, monsters, poetry and men who wear woad.

Many people visit this small country, come to discover ‘the real Scotland’. Some find their ‘holy grail’. Many don’t. This blog explores what they might encounter, and more…..or maybe even less….

My name is John MacPherson. I am a professional photographer living in Scotland.


I am also a regular writer & contributor to the well-known duckrabbit blog.

*Where is Brigadoon?


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